Friday, February 15, 2013

First Official Post!!

Well, I have been thinking lately about setting up a blog, to share my ideas and projects, as well as to have a place to store them! Life is hectic, and it helps to have something to go back to right?

This blog is going to cover a crazy influx of subject matter! I have wayyyyy too many hobbies, projects and random thoughts to stick to one or two subjects!

I love to do DIY home decor projects, such as furniture refinishing, painting, garden and outdoor decor, stained glass, well as photography and all things related to photography! Including scene setups, prop making, photo editing, photo crafting......yadda yadda yadda....

Not to mention my love of cooking, baking, spending time with my family (husband and daughter), as well as spoiling my precious puppy!

So, these are the basic things you can expect to see me rambling on about. Oh, and I like to take pictures of my projects....its helpful right?! So, expect visuals of all projects too  :)

Without further is the project for today.....


"How to Remove Black Marker from a Microfiber Couch"......

Yup, that was my day in a nutshell! My 4 yr old daughter, Mallory decided to draw her daddy a picture while he was at work. Stupid and over tired me...let her do this on the couch. In all fairness, she was sitting on a blanket, so it seemed harmless.

Fast forward like 5 min, I go to inspect the work and she proudly shows me the picture and a giant scribble on the couch arm!

I panick and start resesarching everything about markers and microfiber on the internet. I finally decide on the tried and true method of baby wipes! I took a few babywipes and using a soft, circular motion, wiped the area. The wipe was turning purple, so it was indeed taking the ink out. The spot is still wet, and needs to dry, but it looks like it got most , if not all of the marker out!! If there is a little left, it said to go over it again once it dries! I am so excited that this actually worked!

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